May 27, 2012.

Washington Motorcycle Road Racer’s Association 2012 season, Round 3 – This was the first sanctioned race to be held at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton. It’s also the same track on which I’d had my first track day on the FJR back in April, and if there was any hesitation about getting a track bike, it was solidly dispelled the moment I saw the first racers take off. I pitted with my friends Tim O’Mahony (#220) and Karen Foley, and enjoyed cheering on my good friend Wendy Leber (#10) to her second-place win in the 250 class. Sadly, Tim crashed the RS125 and the race had to be restarted, but he’s okay, and if I’m lucky he’ll let me borrow his CBR600. šŸ˜‰ This is the beginning of a very good thing.

June 18, 2011.

It was 20 years ago today, that we graduated from SK. But all those years couldn’t stand in the way of an astoundingly good time, thanks to all these great people I grew up with. I had more fun than I ever actually had in high school, and when you see the beautiful people in this set you won’t wonder why. Thanks, Wolves, for one of the very best nights ever.

May 7, 2011.

God’s balls, Wig-N-Skirt is back!!! The best house party in the history of Seattle returns, this time all grown up with a private venue and everything. Punters got dolled up at the makeup booth, while coiffed crooners sang the nite away with Frances Farmer Karaoke. Old friends and fresh meat alike made for a truly splendid do.Ā The theme was “sellout”, and everything in your imagination could be had… for a price.

September 18, 2010.

The Kitsap County HIV AIDS Foundation and Michael Goodnow once again hosted the Kitsap AIDS walk. This year saw over 150 walkers (a record, according to Michael) and raised over $24,000. Thanks all who came out in support!

September 3, 2010.

Once again Red Star events host the annual White Party, where we get one last chance to wear our best whites before Labor Day ends another summer fashion season.

August 29, 2010.

Images from the Cruisin’ Sunday car show at Christian Life Center in Port Orchard, Washington.

August 21, 2010.

Cody Foster Army plays Wright Park. They start off ‘disarmed’ with an acoustic set, with the help of, among others, my good friend Gary Lappier.

August 21, 2010.

“Rock in a Blue Collar town played by old chums. Powered by Pabst…”

August 21, 2010.

Tacoma’s Gold Teeth perform at Music & Art at Wright Park, kicking ass and taking names in a carnival of sweat and chaos.

August 21, 2010.

Lozen perform at Wright Park in Tacoma. The band consists of ‘siamese twins separated at birth‘ Justine Valdez and Hozoji Matheson-Margulis, and their sound is completely unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Tribal, percussive, angular, pulsing with primal energy. I was utterly blown away.

August 20, 2010.

My final hike of the summer on Mount Rainier. I made my way from Paradise up to the Muir snowfield on as beautiful a Friday as you could ask for. The trip up is quick and uneventful, aside from the usual throngs of exchange students, this time from Argentina. Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens are clearly visible, and I can even make out Mt. Hood all the way down in Oregon. You can see all of them in this panoramic I made near my lunch spot. On the way down, the wildlife came out, including this marmot trying to keep cool. A little further down, the wildflowers were on show as the sun crept out of the western sky. Finally near the parking lot, I spot some deer having their evening meal. It’s a storybook ending to a summer on the mountain. I’m left a little sad that it’s over, and my photo editing work has yet to even begin.

August 6, 2010.

This was one of those truly epic days. I hiked alone fromĀ Reflection Lake, at first on a spur to the northwest that eventuallyĀ led back to Paradise valley. I wouldnā€™t go that far this day, so afterĀ a few long shots of the ridge, it was back south across the road and up theĀ Pinnacle Peak trail. I started in the early afternoon, and ran into a few folks on the way up. But as I reachedĀ The Saddle there were only a few stragglers there, soon to be heading down. I follow the lower trail to the right for a bit and encounterĀ a few marmots and a woman looking at them. They donā€™t seem to care about us. I also spot someĀ far-off mountain goats on a distant ridge. The woman heads back down the trail and I start heading up. My plan was to hike to theĀ top of Plummer Peak, as it looked like a fairly easy climb, burdened as I was with a tripod. It looked like Iā€™d have the whole mountain to myself.
I took theĀ lower trail along the north ridge of Plummer Peak on my way up. This was sketchy at best. Large, loose rocks formed a tentative traverse, covered by the last drift yet to melt. In the thawing day it had formed an icy crust. There is a 500 foot drop to my right. I take no pictures here.
This leads to a level meadow at the foot of a long, progressively steeper climb to the top. I start makingĀ panoramas, then the last effort to the top. It takes less time than I thought, so whenĀ I reach the summit I drop gear and have a late lunchable.
I sat for a while up there alone. In the distance to the north, I can barely make out the shapes of the last two hikers moving down the lower trail, a mile away. The sun starts to angle across the rocks and crevasses of Mt. Rainier to the north.Ā A trail of cloud bisects the mountain and shades the Paradise Valley. I make frequent stops forĀ photography on my slow way down.
Then, a surprise. I can see a herd of mountain goats back down at The Saddle. Theyā€™re far below me now, but I might be able to get them with the long lens. I look down to get it, and one of their friends isĀ standing about 50 feet in front of me. He lets me get a bit closer, but we can both feel the chill in the air, so itā€™s time to move on. HimĀ sliding playfully down the snow face, me trying not to playfully land on my skull.
Back in The Saddle again, and the herd is gone.Ā The light is getting magic now, as I make my way down the last leg of the trail. Above me, at the top of the Pinnacle Peak rockfall, I spot the wily goats. They really do climb amazingly fast.Ā The sun is setting. Itā€™sĀ fantastic.
Back at the car, itā€™s nearly dark, and the lake is swarming with black clouds of evil little midges. I throw my gear into the front seat and flee down the road a few hundred feet to escape. Iā€™m the only one on the road.

July 31, 2010.

A short hike and a short set of photos from the trail to Pinnacle Peak. Made it part way up the final rock face but stopped when I saw some folks coming down, DIRECTLY above me. Yeah, it gets steep. Low clouds and blowing fog made for stunningly bad light and some interesting atmosphere. So rather than a lot of shooting, it was a chance to explore the trail a bit and plan for the next attempt.

July 16, 2010.

The first trip to the mountain this year. Since it’s still early in the summer, the remaining snow encourages me to stay in the car and avoid a big hike. I concentrate more on shooting and finding locations. I see at least three foxes stalking the roads, and one walks right up to say hello. It’s a quiet Friday and the weather turns thick and cold quickly after dusk.

May 15, 2010.

My friend Christopher and his band Below Blackstar play the Shanty Tavern on Lake City. This show marked the first appearance of their new guitarist Brandon. Special guests Hunting Grounds warmed up the crowd and lead off this set of images.

April 22, 2010.

Jimni Cricket and friends threw down the raw beats at Bremerton’s own Charleston theater. Dj Chase, A.D.D.J. and DJ Krept helped out. This was sort of a mini-party, but it was a treat to have a real rave so close to home with plenty of east-side friends in attendance.

April 10, 2010.

After Feel Flow’s set, I stuck around for EXOHXO. By this time the photography was getting blurry, but the band’s rich sounds kept me shooting until the end.

April 10, 2010.

My friend Randy, from way, way back, is the drummer for Feel Flow Expo, a 6 piece grubcore outfit driven by the power of the 70s, and I finally got to see them play at the HiFi. Oh yes I hear your ELO… and I dig it. It’s a great big sound in that little room.

March 17, 2010.

The Hi Fidelity Lounge hosts a night of music with the acoustic sounds of JJ, belting out blues that would bring a tear to Pearl’s eye. After that, the DJs took over and naturally, so did the booze.

March 5, 2010.

After Rob’s show at the Manette, we moved the party to The Winterland where we were treated to an unexpected show from Seattle locals The Them. I cannot describe this band better than their own website writeup:

Since their appearance THE THEM have been bloodying up stage and audience with their fabulously toxic musical alchemy, a putrefied mixture of horror punk, hardcore, metal and rockabilly, resonating behind the depraved rantings of a madman, coupled with blood and brain matter, and an intensity of personal charisma not seen since vats of grape Kool-Aid were gulped down in Jonestown. THE THEM are here and they require you to accept them as your personal Savior.

Indeed, eardrums quivered in mortal terror at the hands of these brave metal warriors, and the assault was thoroughly enjoyed by this reporter. The crowd was light, so the photography is so close you can feel the sweat, blood, and who knows what else flying as the boys rocked each other to the floor. As show I won’t soon forget.

March 5, 2010.

My friend Rob’s band, In The Tree, performs at The Manette Saloon in Bremerton Washington. Rob plays a mean blues guitar, and the ‘trees throw down some great tunes for a heavy crowd. The band Brings It with great energy and hot licks, and plenty of moves are thoroughly busted. Looking forward to seeing these guys again.

Jingle Bomb 8
December 12, 2009.

2009 came to a jangled end at Seattle’s Club Motor, which was full to the rafters with holiday cheer for Jingle Bomb 8. The night marked this reporter’s 4-year anniversary of involvement in the local rave scene, but sadly the night was cut short due to an over-packed club and an overtired rave posse. No matter, we broke early and fled to a nearby greasy spoon to replenish our lost sweat. Consequently, this set of photos is slimmer than usual. My promos for this set can be found Here and Here.

Whiteout 7
November 21, 2009.

The King Cat Theater played host to white-hot Whiteout 7, and the gang turned a cold and rainy autumn night into a blazing disco inferno. The King Cat is a *great* rave venue and for once there are no shortages of places to chill when the heat gets unbearable. I have to point out that I’m really pleased with this batch of photos, especially when I look back at the Whiteout 4 pictures. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
P.S. – I have been asked to post links to the Whiteout promos that were on Myspace, they are Here and Here and Here.

Dusty’s Retirement party
November 20, 2009.

My father retired from Kitsap County Public Works after at least 150 years of service (maybe more). We celebrated with friends at the Kitsap Country Club.

Mudhoney @ Neumos

of the Sonic Cloth @ Neumos

November 13, 2009.

Seattle’s legendary Mudhoney tears down Neumos with the help of Tad Doyle and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. Eardrums are laid waste and fan enthusiasm reaches terrifying proportions as slam dance practitioners are forcibly ejected. OK, maybe the shows are a little tamer than they used to be, but these crazy kids still deliver one hell of a good time and relentless pounding waves of pure punk rock. Dean Whitmore and locals The Unnatural Helpers open the show.

Hive Mind Halloween ’09
October 31, 2009.

Once again, the Hive Mind folks took over the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in west Seattle for “Things That Go Bump In The Night”. And bump they did, as the crowd swelled to an unbelievable 1,300 plus party-goers! A collection of bees met the cast from Goldfinger, a Thriller flash-mob rocked the dancefloor, and I partied so hard I lost all my money in the woods! Long story… The proceeds reached an astounding $24,000 to benefit Room to Read and the Youngstown arts center for under served youth.

Bremerton AIDS Walk 2009
September 12, 2009.

Michael Goodnow and many other fine Red Star folks host the Bremerton AIDS walk.

decay | project
September 9, 2009.

My good friend Gary and I spent the day in rural Pierce County looking for corrosion, atrophy, and blight. The final failing throes of summer provided the backdrop as we headed south through Parkland and Spanaway, towns seething with the crumbling decadence of monster-truck strip malls and baristas gone wild. Waves of mortification overcame the landscape as we moved through this majestic and tortured panorama, until finally we reached the town of Elbe, on man-made Alder Lake. There, a terrifying scene of rust and corruption lurked behind an innocent tourist train. Destination…? Nowhere.

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 1920 x 1200 desktop of ‘decay’

Red Star – The White Party
September 4, 2009.

I gathered some beautiful ladies and hit the Eagles Club (that’s right) in Bremerton for a white night of earthly delights at the monthly Red Star party. Tonight is our last chance to wear white before Labor Day, when the style gods have deemed we start wearing tall black boots and store those eggshell Jimmy Choos. The party got startid and drew a record crowd (the press has this number between 200 and 240, possibly more) and by the middle of Friday night it felt like we’d already had 3 Saturday nights in a row. Whew! A game of Spin The Bottle (srsly) ensued and (amazingly) I didn’t catch anything I didn’t already have.

Mt. Rainier: Sunrise & Burroughs Mountain panoramic project…

Seal Rock, Oregon

August 24, 2009.

After a successful day of shooting the previous week, I went back to Sunrise to make more panoramics, this time climbing the 7,828 foot peak of Burroughs Mountain. The sky is crystal clear and the sun is warm, but a cool breeze makes climbing more forgiving than it had been the arid week before. I begin climbing at 9:36 am with a bottle of water, a Lunchable, 2 power bars, my XTi and my monopod. Not many cars in the parking lot and fewer hikers on the trail. I have all the makings of another great shooting day.

The first image is the view of Sunrise from the Sourdough Ridge trail…

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 2686 x 1000 panoramic of Sunrise from Sourdough Ridge.

Burroughs is actually a long curving ridge around Berkley Park with three distinct peaks.

First Burroughs is reached by climbing a steep trail from Frozen Lake, and when I arrived on the plateau at 7,000 feet, I was greeted by a herd of roughly 30 mountain goats relaxing in the morning sun. I quietly cursed the fact that I hadn’t brought a longer lens, thus my only image of them is from quite a long way off with the 16-35mm. I consider a long and probably unauthorized walk across the meadow to get a closer shot at them, but conservation gets the better of me, and I leave them alone to enjoy the morning without some human pointing things at them.

Looking north from the rim, I make this image of Berkley Park below…

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 3851 x 1000 panoramic of Berkley Park from First Burroughs.

Continuing east along the ridge, a short climb leads to Second Burroughs at 7,400 feet. This is a barren, rocky shelf with fantastic views of the Mt. Rainier and Glacier Basin. There are only a few other hikers around on that Monday morning.

I stopped to make this image of Glacier Basin before moving on…

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 5065 x 1000 360Ėš panoramic of Glacier Basin from Second Burroughs.

After Second Burroughs, hikers are faced with a choice: One trail leads down into Glacier Basin, and on toward the White River campground. But taking that trail means a long, steep climb back up to Sunrise, so I choose to cross the divide to the west and go on to Third Burroughs. I leave most of the other hikers behind and begin the final leg of my ascent.

The last push to the 7,828 foot peak is a long, lonely stretch of stony bare land. Hardly a scrap of vegetation grows here, and the trail is marked only by a spot on the ground with slightly fewer stones on it. Several short switchbacks mock me as I approach the highest crest of this ancient lava flow, and my body begins craving rest and lunch. A woman sits alone looking toward the mountain as I shed my equipment and look for a comfortable spot to make camp.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling of this place. It’s a gray, barren arm of rock, thrusting north from Mt. Rainier, towering in sheer cliffs over Winthrop Glacier, more than a thousand feet below. There are plenty of places to get a good view of Mt. Rainier, but standing on that windy pinnacle, you are really *on* the mountain. You feel as if you’re part of it.

I sit for a long while and bathe in the titanic landscape around me. I can hear the rush of water far below, tiny Winthrop Creek running along the edge of the receding, debris covered glacier. Near the summit, dust rises from a rockslide, probably triggered by melting snow and ice in the August sun. I move south along the ridge, toward St. Elmo pass as far as the trail will take me. After that, the way forward turns into a vague rocky scramble, on toward Steamboat Prow, “the wedge” that divides Winthrop and Emmons glaciers. I decide that this is as far as I’ll go today.

Here is the view from just below the peak of Third Burroughs, which can be seen at the far left side of this photo… (yes, those are people at the top)

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 5557 x 1000 360Ėš panoramic of Mt. Rainier from Third Burroughs.

After a long, quiet meditation on the windy ridge, I turn and head back toward Sunrise, taking the walk slower and enjoying the solitude. There are a few more hikers on the trail now, some just making their way up late in the day. I pause again at Second Burroughs and watch the afternoon sun heading west toward the sea. I make another image of Glacier Basin before I turn to descend the low side of the hills…

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 4060 x 1000 panoramic of Glacier Basin.

The lower trail off of Second Burroughs is a high wall on the left, back up toward the first peak. On the right, the valley falls away into Glacier Basin, and beyond that, Emmons Glacier. At over 4 square miles, Emmons has the largest surface area of any Glacier in the contiguous United States, according to Wikipedia. A rock slide in 1963 covered part of the lower glacier, insulating it and slowing its retreat until about 2003, when it was found to be receding again. You can see the debris-covered ice revealing the headwaters of the White river in this image…

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 3775 x 1000 panoramic of Emmons Glacier.

The trail hugs a narrow ledge until suddenly I round a bend and reenter the tree line. A short jog further and the trail makes a sharp 180Ėš to the left at a stone viewpoint. The wind is tremendous here, and the wall is full of gawkers, so I pass on photos and just take a last quick look before pressing on to Shadow Lake..

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 4881 x 1000 360Ėšpanoramic of Shadow Lake.

This is the last stop before heading back to Sunrise. I’m in luck when I crest the bluff and descend to the muddy shore – aside from myself and one hiker quietly reading on her own, the lake is deserted. A cool breeze lingers around darkened trees. The water is warmer than I expect as I bend to rinse the dust and sweat from my hands. After I make the image above, I rest on a log, readying myself for the last mile, the car, the highway, and the journey home, which at that moment seems more than a million miles away.


Mt. Rainier:
Sunrise & Skyscraper Mountain

August 18, 2009.

I hiked from Sunrise on a familiar trail, but took a detour to somewhere I’ve never been – the top of Skyscraper Mountain. Weather was hot and the trails were nearly empty, thanks to showing up on a Tuesday. I did meet a few friendly hikers along the way, and was even referred to as ‘an animal’. Trust me, it was a compliment. Upon reaching the summit of Skyscraper, we were attacked by a deadly assault of flying ants, so my stay on that lonely pinnacle was brief, but I did have enough time to shoot some great panoramics (see below) and enjoy a quick lunch. After the hike, a circled the mountain for a quick stop at Paradise, then on to dinner at the Copper Creek Inn.

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 6401 x 1000 panoramic of Mt. Rainier from Sunrise.

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 6440 x 1000 panoramic of Mt. Rainier from Skyscraper Mountain.

Seal Rock, Oregon Click above to download a 1900 x 1200 desktop of Mt. Rainier and Skyscraper Mountain.

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 7358 x 1000 panoramic of Grand Park, Mt. Fremont, and Mt. Rainier from Skyscraper Mountain.

Mico de Noche @ Wright Park
August 15, 2009.

Chad and the band laid waste to Wright Park in Tacoma with a face-melting metal onslaught that shook the foundations of the earth. Old friends were on hand to watch the carnage and were rewarded with what could only be described as permanent damage. As an added bonus, legendary axe-and-chainsaw man Tad Doyle stopped by to show his support for Mico’s brutal assault.

Meatfest 2009
August 1, 2009.

Jay, Airin, Stacy, Ryan and Tess once again wowed us all with their cooking / grilling / hosting prowess, and we repaid them by showing how much we could eat, and, more importantly, drink. The party was a bit smaller this year, but no less hard on the arteries. I spent the night sweating wine and pork grease. Heaven.

Mt. St. Helens
July 21, 2009.

Jenn and I took a trip to Johnston Ridge to look at the volcano. It’s almost unbearably hot and the clicker bugs are attacking in full force, so not much hiking, but we did catch fantastic views of the mountain and a Genuine Tourist Experienceā„¢.

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 4226 x 1000 panoramic of Mt. St. Helens from Johnston Ridge.

Grahame & Becca’s Wedding
July 5, 2009.

We met on the rooftop to join Grahame J. Ainsley and Rebecca S. Mancuso in The Big M. Reception followed in the newlyweds respectable backyard. Weenies were skewered, and bacon exploded. Who could ask for a better way to say I Love You?

Becca’s Bachelorette Party
July 3, 2009.

I joined Becca and her other ladies in waiting for a night of music, dance, a naked painting at Little Red Studio in Seattle. We enjoyed Christine’s hospitality and guacamole, then off to the show. Sorry, no pictures from the Studio, you’ll have to take my word that it was a excellent night, and at least one of us left covered in tempera. Better yet, you should go down there and see for yourself.

Mt. Rainier: Paradise
July 1, 2009.

I stole a day and gave it to the mountain, making stops at Alder Lake, Longmire, and Paradise, with a quick (and I mean quick) drive down Stevens Canyon and back. I hiked above Paradise and the weather was exquisite, but the heavy remaining snow pack made for a slow climb and a radio active sunburn from all angles. A group of exchange students were only temporary competition for utter solitude, until on the last mile down I made a single serving friend. Yes, I’m still covered in aloe…

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 1900 x 1200 desktop wallpaper of Mt. Rainier. Enjoy!

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 5446 x 1000 panoramic – Mt. Adams & Mt. St. Helens.

Bloedel Reserve
June 18, 2009.

Jenn and I visited Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island for an afternoon of photography and quiet. The weather was perfect for shooting and we managed to avoid almost any contact with other visitors, including some non-showering types that we outwitted at the gate. Look out for sinister skies and psychedelic plants.

May 2009.

I was feeling cinematic with the G10 a couple of weeks ago and started shooting wide aspect black & whites. Here are a few postcards from our time at the Ballard locks, Discovery Park, Point Defiance, and home at the Wiley Ranch. The pictures of me were shot by the lovely Jennifer.

February 21, 2009.

Thanks to all who came to Bounce and made it ONE OF THE BEST PARTIES I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Seriously. This was my first time at Motor and it was the perfect place for a party this size. The thing that struck me about Skatebarn was that it was WAY too big for the number of people we had, and the smaller rooms were almost empty most of the time. Not so at Motor. The crowd was packed together, but not to the point of feeling smothered… just enough to make everyone cozy and keep the vibe positive. Got to meet Tigon and spend some quality time with Des and Leech. Good times.

Slaves to the Rave 3
January 30, 2009.

Sinful Productions hosted Slaves to the Rave 3 at Skatebarn, and it was a ton of fun. I don’t go to raves enough any more. I put my new G10 to the test and it was completely amazing. Saw many old friends that I didn’t realize how much I missed, and met some of the new riff raff, to boot. We brought along our little Droplet and she was full of Amazing and Awesome, and it one point we even has a visit from the lord. It was spiritual, man.

So enough ‘a my yackin. Let’s boogie!

G10 – Test Shots
January – February, 2009.

I got a new Canon G10 the other day, and so far I’m thrilled with it. I’ll try to post a more detailed opinion later on, once I’ve had some time to play with it, but for now, here are the first batch of test images. Tonight it will get a full workout shooting Slaves To The Rave in Renton.

UPDATE: I’m adding more images to this catalog as I take them. I continue to be thrilled with this camera!

Adobe Camera Club
January 21, 2009.

We took advantage of a sunny, foggy, dramatic and bitterly cold day to go out and shoot today. I actually walked on the Aurora Bridge for the first time in my life, which seems odd considering all the pictures I’ve taken of it over the years. I made these images with my Canon S3 IS, and as you might be able to tell, discovered the new Gradient Filter tool in Lightroom. Enjoy!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Derrick’s Shop BBQ
October 11, 2008.

Cousin Derrick threw an Octoberfest bash at his new shop on Mile Hill. An impromptu car show broke out and the weather could not have been better for a fall day in Washington. Fat Rascal’s supplied the stove (which worked better after a bit of cleaning) and Gus supplied the fi-yah. Truly mouth-watering fun.

Ivan at Sunset
July 17, 2008.

Here are a few images I made of Ivan tonight. Such a luminous puss.

Columbia River Gorge
July 12-14, 2008.

Patty and Jenn and I spent a few days camping in Oregon along the Columbia River. Along the way we found some wonderful places and made some new friends at Sandy River, the Vista House, Ainsworth State Park, Multnomah Falls, and Beacon Rock. The weather was hot and photogenic, we enjoyed warm nights and got a thorough workout climbing the rocks and mountains. A stop at Sandy River was rewarded with a long float, a challenging return trip, and completely exfoliated feet. We had so much fun that Jenn and I returned a month later to do it all again.

Independence Day 2008 Fireworks
July 4, 2008.

A small gang of friends met and made our way through the crowds of Fremont to watch the The WaMu Family Fourth of July on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. We set up shop right in front of the Adobe building (my office). That’s commitment. This was the first time I’ve shot fireworks with my XTi. In fact I haven’t really been happy with many of the firework images I’ve made since the film days. Digital has always been too noisy and temperamental, and I just never got anything good out of my E-10. But not this night, to my delight. Camera Raw helped a bit, too!

May 9, 2008.

Here are few images from the South Kitsap mall carnival.

Snoochy Boochies 3
April 19, 2008.

Grant and I celebrated his 2 year in style with Mindy and the gang at Snoochy Boochies 3. A little slow to get going, but once the crowd built and the vibe settled, it was a nice little scene. Jimni was in Top Form, both in front and behind the platters, and even the incomparable Foxy Roxy makes a rare appearance. Outside, ran into some old friends and hit the hookah with new ones, and I even got to meet the first black president. I’ve been away too long, my friends. Thanks for keeping the life on for me. This was the first party I’ve shot with my XTi, and I’m pleased as a purring puss with the results. Let me know what you think! contact ChrissyOne

Oregon Coast
March 24-27, 2008.

Jennifer and I headed south for a spring break getaway / photo op / cheese tasting. We spent a lovely afternoon exploring Powell’s bookstore in Portland, then woke up early to drive through Corvallis to the coast. We then stayed two nights at the beautiful Yachats Inn, where a heated game of full-contact ‘dice’ kept the night exciting. Coats were purchased and we even had a mass-Mennonite sighting. And while you poor slobs were all stuck here in the miserable snow of western Washington, we were enjoying the miserable snow ON THE OREGON COAST. And all that weather was awful pretty. You’ll also find a few images from the Tillamook Air Museum tucked in at the end.

Seal Rock, Oregon
Click above to download a 1900 x 1200 desktop wallpaper of Seal Rock. Enjoy!

Field Report: 400mm 2.8L IS
March 8-9, 2008.

I rented Canon’s 400mm 2.8 for the weekend, in hopes of capturing an eagle that had been hunting in my back yard. I’ve recorded some of my experiences with the lens for those who are into that sort of thing. I was blessed with the ugliest weather our beautiful state had to offer, so I didn’t get a lot of successful images, but I DID learn a lot about living with a super-tele lens. Oh, and the eagle… never showed up. >.<

Ryan’s Figure Drawing
February 16, 2008.

Ryan Allred had some folks by his apartment for a figure drawing sitting/photo shoot/rowdy booze-up. I know I got at least two of those. (hic-*) Look closely at the hidden details. The curves of the thigh, the delicate purse of the lips, the sumptuous pink cat bellies. You won’t see any full-frontal in this set, but you *will* see a whole lot of pussy… Delicious.

Ingersoll Gender Center Meeting
January 30, 2008.

My cousin Elayne Wylie asked me to come along with her to an Ingersoll meeting last week to take some pics and meet some folks. Boots were on display (though no images of mine, which were quite breathtaking) and snaks were consumed. Later, Lady Elayne and I hit the clubs looking for action, but of course, we were it.

Winter Solstice
December 22, 2007.

Patty hosted the gang for food, drinks, games, fabulous outfits, and bad behavior. All were had in great abundance. Jay and I took turns cheating on our favorites, and I still feel a little dirty. Dorothy & Raven showed us how to make out and still managed to keep their lipstick fresh and pretty. Talented girls. Sorry it took me so dang long to post these. Enjoy the memories!

Todd Shipyard Christmas Party, The Jazz House
December 14, 2007.

Clifford asked me to stop by and shoot the party he threw for his co-workers at Todd Shipyard and it was quite an event. The band kept the crowd happy with Jazz and a little Marley thrown in for good measure. Apple cider flowed until late and the house was wall to wall smiles.

Obscura Labs Fund Raiser
November 4, 2007.

Stopped by to see Ryan and Justin for their fundraising dinner to raise money for their next project. Equipment got broken, so it must have been a good party. Chili and muffins were on the menu and soon added to our weight-loss woes, and we sampled some Obscura videos and were treated to a short set by Carlos.

October 31, 2007.

Here are a few quick shots from Halloween night. Colby and Sarah dropped by with friends, and it’s a good thing, because I had no other Trick-or-Treaters. I even left candy outside by the front door when I went to Patty’s, and it was ALL THERE when I got back. Am I that scary? Anyway, at the afore mentioned P’s place, we watched what was, without a doubt, the most idiotic horror film even made (And that includes Invasion of The Eye Creatures). That movie is, of course, Rob Zombie’s Halloween. My god, it was terrible. Not only did I not care about any single character, not even enough to want to see them bisected with gardening tools, not only was I not the slightest bit frightened, but I felt as if Rob was showing me his personal demons over and over and over again. Useless female characters mysteriously attracted to repugnant men and raped for the visceral joy if it, cartoon-evil rednecks who somehow had keys to everything, endless chiding and mocking by… everyone. I give it an enthusiastic 2 hatchets down. The feel-like-you-wasted-2-dollars hit of the season, coming soon to a landfill near you.

Hive Mind Halloween ’07
October 27, 2007.

Welcome Mutants! Hive Mind Halloween 2007 proudly hosts the class reunion for Xavier’s School for Mutant Youngsters, the academy of the X-Men. (or in my case, the ex-men) The gang took over the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in west Seattle for a night of ghoulish glamour and beastly beats. Two big dance rooms packed nicely with monstrous creations, and the costumes were pretty good, too. A collection of DJs kept the walls throbbing, as well as a live set by Beehive (who I snapped a few shots of back in June at Queerfest, for those with sharp eyes). Met loads of wonderful folk, as usual, and helped raise money for Room to Read and the Youngstown arts center for underprivileged youth.

Jazz House, Bremerton
October 26, 2007.

I discovered the Jazz House tonight. Tedd from the band lured me in as I passed innocently {blink} by the place, and I’m lucky he did. Met the band and the staff, made some images and enjoyed the lively four-piece. The quartet featured Jim Trefethen on tenor and alto sax, Tom Brooks on the stand-up bass, Charles Gaines handling the drum kit, and Tedd (with 2 d’s) McKeever on piano and lead vocals. Music and atmosphere are top notch. Still waiting on the liquor license… (we’re pulling for you!) so really, I was only 1 glass of merlot away from heaven.

Bremerton Construction
October 25, 2007.

I spent the morning playing with my new lens, the fantastic 16-35mm 2.8L II, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite. Encountered some nice folks working on the tunnel project, and found new and creative ways to avoid getting soaked by Bremerton’s growing arsenal of water canons. I’m very happy with this lens, overall, aside from a tenancy to over-expose a bit on my XTi.

October 10, 2007.

After we were done with Sami’s photos, I did a series for Carey and this is my favorite. I’m thinking that I’d love to do a series of my friends like these for my portfolio. If you’re interested in participating, please let me know. I’d love to do some more.

October 10, 2007.

I did these for a friend of mine for her Suicide Girl photos. Carey helped a bunch with styling, props, and of course, booze. I can only show you this photo until I find out which ones she’s going to use, but I’m really fond of it and I think it’s worth a click.

Wig-N-Skirt 8
September 29, 2007.

Hive Mind, those fabulous Burning Man folks, put on another fantastic Wig-N-Skirt party this year, and Dan and company hosted with, truly, the very most. Mug Shots were recorded upon entry, but sadly those pictures were lost to Digital Purgatory (UPDATE: Grover tells me that all is not lost, and most of those pics do still exist) so fear not, there is still hope that you can show your gown and coif to your grand kids someday…

Bremerton Blackberry Festival
September 3, 2007.

Beautiful weather for a day on the waterfront. Bremerton is looking better than ever. Spent the day with friends tent shopping and trying the treats.

Airin’s 30th Birthday
September 1, 2007.

Jess hosted the gang to celebrate Airin’s 3rd decade with a Transformers-themed-barbecue, with drinks and yummy, yummy cupcakes. Airin needed discipline at one point, and a wresting match ensued. More than meets the eye.

Washington Renaissance
Fantasy Faire in Gig Harbor

August 4, 2007.

Jenn worked the faire again I spent a day meeting nice folks and shooting. I got some fantastic photos of fire-eater Thomas Wood in action, and entertaining as ever. Fire is, of course, always the highlight of any event for me, and Wood never disappoints.

Margaret’s House Party / Grant & Justin’s B-Day
August 3, 2007.

Margaret hosted a night of poor behavior while we waited for 2:00 AM to roll around, whence the newly-unminorized Grant celebrated the smoking age with a night at the legendary Neighbours nightclub. I’m an old-timer at Neighbours, but though it had been a good long while since I danced with those fine folks, the magic still blew through that room like I remember. No pics from the club, sorry to say. My stage performance, at least in my mind, turned far more heads than stomachs.

White Trash
July 21, 2007.

Carey got ‘er done in style, despite the rain, for a down-home trailer-park-of-fun. I brought my famous Ambrosia HotDoggeronni Casserole and Jay got all up in Carey’s grill. I think some of the costumes were not intended to be so… authentic.

June 23, 2007.

Me and the girls went to Queerfest in Volunteer Park and took in a show by (among others) a band called Goddess and She, with which Jennifer was instantly enthralled. Saw some kids from Teh Scene and met the lovely and vertically gifted Dorothy, clad in her gothic highland gear. Leech and Jenn shared their gay water, and we were all treated to – you guessed it – the biggest dog show of the summer. We do love our pets, don’t we?

Care-A-Lot 2
June 8, 2007.

Another party a Club Spectrum. This time the crowd was much smaller than at Kandyland back in February, and nowhere near the energy I felt that night. But the floor light room ended up being the place to be, and for a little while it felt like the old days. All in all, not a bad night. (p.s., I also shot a video of one of Pirate’s lightshows with my S3. See it HERE.)

Kandyland 3
February 24, 2007.

What a night. My first party at Club Spectrum, and while it certainly has its shortcomings (like the worst choke-point ever) it was certainly the most brilliantly photogenic club I have ever shot. The main floor was non-stop action all night, with plenty of glorious chaos to record and get lost in. Sorry for the varying degrees of quality… the physical effort was considerable, and sadly, optical fatigue set in. One can only push an S3 *so* far. ;P

Wonkaland 2
November 24, 2006.

This would end be being the last time I’d go to Studio Seven. Great party this night, and the first night that I felt I’d taken respectable photos with the S3. The place was packed to the rafters and the energy was dripping from the walls. My favorites from this set are Riku’s lights, toward the end. If your eyes are sharp, you might spot a very squished Polly.

Whiteout 4
November 17, 2006.

Whiteout was at The Heavens (formerly The Catwalk) this year, and I’m not sure if that’s a great place for a rave. Jenn could not go in, so I braved the basement alone for a few shots and a few shots. Then we had a few more shots. I think she had more luck on the street than I did in the club.

Word Of Mouth: Heaven or Hell
September 23, 2006.

Back at the beautiful Fremont Studios, it seems a lot of folks forgot to show up tonight. No matter, just more inappropriately procured VIP food for the rest of us. The sets were okay, but not memorable. I don’t know who decided to put Jimni on first, but because of that most people missed her set, which was a bit of a bummer. Jenn actually shot a few of these in the middle, including the angel picture, but they were so good I stole ’em. (bad form!)

Perfect | Day
September 14, 2006.

I did this series with the goal of capturing a moment. The evening sun, the coming fall, the aftermath of The Summer of Love. It was like the world paused for a moment, and asked for my opinion. Shot in 30 minutes, summer gave up her fight with a slowly setting sigh. Ivan helped. Perfect Day is available as a limited edition book.

Temple of Light
Memorial for Capitol Hill victims

July 30, 2006.

Jenn and I and a rather small contingent of the scene paid our respects with a walk from the shooting site to Seattle Center. After a week in the Center, the monument was taken to Burning Man and offered to the playa. Photos from both Jenn and I are in this catalog – hers start at P7300018.jpg.

Blackout 4
July 21, 2006.

Blackout 4 was some kinda party. It was about 98 degrees outside that night. Inside, 131 was packed, the ventilation was tragically inadequate, and, to top it all off, they wouldn’t even let anyone out to smoke, much less get some fresh air, until after 11:00 PM. Bits of the party kept falling off and spilling out into the parking lot, it got kinda scary. Back inside, just walking across the floor causes me to shed buckets. I find the shattered remnants of the gang and we’re off. The next morning, a silver lining: I lost 6 pounds!

June 30, 2006.

This was the big one. The first party at 131 and, in my opinion, one of the best parties of 2006. The vibe was 110% positive. I decided to bring the little Olympus FE-110 that Carey gave me and shoot a few pictures. The rest, as they say, is history…


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  1. Enjoy my photos! If you want to use one that shows you for your FaceBook or MySpace picture, please feel free to do so, just please don’t crop my copyright watermark out. -c

  2. Hi Chrissy. Wow! I just looked over many of your photos. They are all quite good! You get great lighting, composition, color, and everything is crisp. I like! -Marisa.

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