iPhone photography

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It’s funny how photographers are so quick to jump to one side – always about equipment, but in different directions.
If someone mentions using a 1Ds – then it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer. “I can make the same images on my (whatever cheaper model they currently own)”.
If they state that they only used an iPhone, then it’s a nice toy, but not a professional choice.
People just get so hung up on the tools, and which is better, and which aren’t worthy – like a mechanic would only ever carry one wrench around. Photography is a unique situation every time it happens. The Best Camera for each situation depends on how much you can adapt to the box and how much the box can adapt to you. There is not one solution yet.

You can adapt to the box – carry around a bag of yummy interchangeable goodness (or better yet, get an assistant to), hang a heavy thing around your neck, and make people run for cover. The tradeoff? Supreme image quality, fast, precise autofocus, compositional freedom.

Or the box can adapt to you – it’s with you probably every moment. It’s attached to the internet and can publish photos with minimal time and effort. It has lots of custom processing treatments that can be applied on the fly. It does not attract attention because almost everyone has one. The tradeoff? Lower image quality, limited focal length options, slower performance.

You will experience situations in photography where one of these factors is more important or more limiting than the other. A product shot demands high quality, but a news event demands timeliness. Any one tool you find will have limitations as well as strengths in a given situation. A good photographer can predict which will do the job better, and be in the right place when the photons bounce their way. Once the image is made, how it got there is mostly irrelevant.


First Ride

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New Photos…

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Okay, so It’s been ages since I updated the site. I have a good excuse – I got a real job.
But when I’m NOT working (this is Amazon, that’s not very often) I still do occasionally like to take photos. ūüėČ I just updated the Photos section with a set from the WMRRA races last week. ¬†Enjoy!!

Chrissy is still happening.

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I realize I’ve criminally neglected my blog these last few months. As expected, my employer keeps me very busy. But the good news is, it’s worth it. I’ve had diminished enthusiasm for editing photos of my own after doing so all day at work, so most of my artistic output is published via Facebook, and this is only because the camera I use the most is my iPhone, and they talk directly to each other. Can one populate a WordPress page directly from their phone? The last time I used the WP app it was horrendous.

In any case, when I find an attractive publishing solution for my phone pictures, and I have the time to put something together, I’ll start posting them here.

Right now, I have to get this cat off my keyboard.

More later,


There is a cat on my keyboard.

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Southworth Morning

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Good morning, all you commuters…


Lens: John S
Film: Big Up
Flash: Off


Back in the Saddle

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Big news! I’ve recently been hired by Amazon as a production artist & photo editor for Amazon Local. A long stint of unsteady employment is finally coming to an end, and I’m seriously looking forward to getting back to work.

Of course, it means I’ll be commuting from Kitsap to downtown Seattle every day, something I haven’t done in a long time. To facilitate the trip, I picked up a 2007 Yamaha FJR 1300. I’ve had my eye on this bike for a while, and the right deal came up at exactly the right time. So, after 7 years without a bike (since I sold my beloved Honda Valkyrie) I’m back on two motorized wheels and loving it as much as ever. Maybe more. The FJR was all I’d hoped it would be and a joy to ride, and as anyone who rides the cross-sound ferry knows, motorcycles get front row treatment. I actually can’t wait to start the commute again.

Take care, ride safe, and I’ll see you on the road…