Chrissy is still happening.

I realize I’ve criminally neglected my blog these last few months. As expected, my employer keeps me very busy. But the good news is, it’s worth it. I’ve had diminished enthusiasm for editing photos of my own after doing so all day at work, so most of my artistic output is published via Facebook, and this is only because the camera I use the most is my iPhone, and they talk directly to each other. Can one populate a WordPress page directly from their phone? The last time I used the WP app it was horrendous.

In any case, when I find an attractive publishing solution for my phone pictures, and I have the time to put something together, I’ll start posting them here.

Right now, I have to get this cat off my keyboard.

More later,



~ by ChrissyOne on March 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Chrissy is still happening.”

  1. Hey, ChrissyOne.

    Your blogging HAS been super sparse. That’s okay by me; my free time has been equally sparse. I’m interested in reading your impressions of coding in iOS. I want to use the iTunes U courses on app creation this summer just to get a basic grasp of how it all works in order to enhance my “hireability” once I complete my current master of ed. tech. program next year.

    Was it worth learning iOS for you? What have you used it for?

    Thanks. I’ll take any answers off the air.

    • A lot of people have been asking about iOS. I really need to get my code posted.
      I can tell you this – I had precisely zero experience coding in C, and I picked up a couple of books and got going pretty fast. C code is fairly easy to decipher as it reads logically to a normal person, and Objective C isn’t a difficult concept to grasp. I’d like to take a proper C coding class and learn more about how to structure it, but the small amount of time I put into reading taught me a lot. That said, Xcode is wonderfully executed and took no time to learn. You can knock together a view controller in no time.
      I’ve shelved the project since I’ve been at Amazon, because I’ve just been too busy with imaging production, but I do intend to pick it back up again.

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