Back in the Saddle

Big news! I’ve recently been hired by Amazon as a production artist & photo editor for Amazon Local. A long stint of unsteady employment is finally coming to an end, and I’m seriously looking forward to getting back to work.

Of course, it means I’ll be commuting from Kitsap to downtown Seattle every day, something I haven’t done in a long time. To facilitate the trip, I picked up a 2007 Yamaha FJR 1300. I’ve had my eye on this bike for a while, and the right deal came up at exactly the right time. So, after 7 years without a bike (since I sold my beloved Honda Valkyrie) I’m back on two motorized wheels and loving it as much as ever. Maybe more. The FJR was all I’d hoped it would be and a joy to ride, and as anyone who rides the cross-sound ferry knows, motorcycles get front row treatment. I actually can’t wait to start the commute again.

Take care, ride safe, and I’ll see you on the road…



~ by ChrissyOne on July 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. Glad you’re back to work. I too, have a Honda 1999 Valkyrie. It’s the black touring model with optional saddle bag crash bars, chrome accents all around and trailer hitch connecting a Bushtec black trailer with all the options. I love traveling with this set-up and recently traveled from KC area to Texas, OK and southern KS and home (1000 miles) in 102-108˚ heat. Glad I had my leather m/c jacket, jeans and boots to help keep me cool(er). I done several KC to UT trips and love driving through the mountains listening to my music (iPhone) thru the CB/Intercom system’s helmet headphones. Anyway, you’re new bike looks like a very nice ride. Enjoy!

    Steve G.

    • This was my Valkyrie –

      1997 Tourer, bought it new and rode it for 7 years before selling it under duress. It was a fantastic bike. The FJR is a little better for commuting, less unwieldy, easier to park and handle on the ferry, and I don’t worry about dinging up as much. But the Valk was more comfortable and 135 mph felt like 60. I wish I could have both. 😉

  2. Well done on the Amazon appt – and also on the bike.

    I’ve been a Kawasaki driver most of my time, but both Honda and Yam have been decent rides in between.

    Keep those pix coming Chrissy – love ’em!

    Best wishes from a UK hilltop.

    David J.

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