My first Xcode project – Calculator

So here is my first program created in Xcode. It’s merely a simple calculator with a custom background image, but it does work, and creating it was easier than I thought, as I had zero knowledge of the C language a few weeks ago.

I’m learning the language with the help of a few books and iTunes U, specifically the excellent Stanford lecture series from Paul Hegarty’s fall 2010 class. You can find info on the course here:

Happy coding!



~ by ChrissyOne on April 24, 2011.

11 Responses to “My first Xcode project – Calculator”

  1. Whoa! Very cool that you could create that in just a few weeks.

    C1, what are you planning on doing with your newly developed skills as an iOS developer?

    I’m studying for a master of educational technology and e-learning, and have found that most of the programs commonly used to create e-learning (or “e-Learning”) modules produce Flash content – programs like Captivate, Camtasia, and SmartBuilder. I’ve read at MacDailyNews that there is a program now that can somehow wrap Flash and make it work in iOS, but it seems to me that what’s needed now are two things. First, someone’s got to create a program that can replace Flash for interactive content on the web. I’ve read about HTML5, but it seems to be primarily for streaming video/audio content, not for interaction. Once someone does that, we need more developers creating e-learning that is interactive and engaging but that does NOT require Flash, particularly for mobile learning, which is going to be huge for both corporate and educational institutions. I think iOS will be the place where that happens.

    • I think you’re right. But as far as really translating Flash to something more widely useful I don’t know. I’m not familiar with the new Adobe tools. I used Captivate to make tutorials while I was there, and found it to be confusing and unintuitive, so I’ve never used it for my own purposes. Being PC only didn’t help.
      I don’t think it’s going to be much longer until we get a richer HTML 5 toolkit and hopefully it will be more intuitive than Flash. For now I’m doing fine with the tools I have in Xcode, but I’m still a beginner.
      But why am I doing this? I have ideas for apps to fill my needs as a photographer, so that’s what I’m working toward now. Maybe they’ll just be apps for me, or maybe they’ll be something I can make some money on… That’s not important to me right now, I’m just exited to learn a new skill.

  2. hey could you help me i am learning from that course too i need help with somethings.

  3. Well, done Chrissy very good start I am a beginner myself at Xcode and appreciate your advice.
    Are you intending to post a link to the source code?

  4. Looks awesome. I’m starting to use Xcode and figured I would do the same as you. Start out by programing a calculator. Turning out to be a bit harder then I thought it would be because my programming background is in and this is completely different. Any chances of seeing the source code to help me along here. I’ve been reading several books which is just confusing me some more.

  5. chrissy!!
    I’m Korean.
    I do not speak English well..
    I want to code your calculator.
    I thank my emails and send it to
    xcode source, please~

  6. Hi chirssy!

    i’m struggling with some errors can u please send me your code of this calc application . me id ..
    pls dude its urgent..

  7. Sorry it took so long to post this – here’s the whole XCOde project:

  8. Thanks for the code. For a beginner like me.
    Most instruction texts make “todo” lists.
    And, DVD catalogs. I got 30 apress books
    and still could not make a calculator app.
    Finally a real calculating example
    using math, arithmetic, and a “do work”
    action interface, pressing buttons,
    and getting something done!

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