Crazy Eric’s at dusk.

(click the image for a 1920 x 1200 desktop)

I stopped by Crazy Eric’s in Bremerton tonight to sample the exquisite cuisine and make a few images. I had hoped for an interesting sunset, but the weather took a sinister turn and clouds moved in early. On tonight’s menu, two delicious, deep-fried corn-battered hot dogs on a stick, all for less than two dollars. You can’t beat that deal.


~ by ChrissyOne on February 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Crazy Eric’s at dusk.”

  1. Chrissy, I found your blog today by way of the xcode calculator post. I just started taking that course as well. I looked around your site and you have some great pictures.

    This particular one is awesome. I have the xti as well and enjoy taking pictures. What program/lens do I need for my xti to make these kind of pictures happen?

    Maybe you can write a how-to post sometime in the future? 😉 If not, any info is appreciated.

    Keep up the good work.


    • For this image, I used my XTi and the 16-35 2.8L lens. I can’t overstate the importance of using good lenses. But more importantly in a situation like this is exposing properly and balancing the light. The exposure I figured out in advance. I got to the location about an hour before this (after scouting it with my iPhone camera a few days before) and set up my tripod in the best spot. I calculated my exposure time for the ambient light, then shot many frames over a period of about 90 minutes. That way, I knew I would have a frame that not was not only composed well (the cars and the kid in the letterman’s jacket was just luck) but also had the right balance of light between the ambient sunset and the lights of the building.
      I did the post-processing in Lightroom, which can do anything you need it to do. I believe I did quite a bit of tweaking on this one to bring the blacks down, brighten the yellows, balance the greens and magentas so the lights shining on both sides of the building were right, and vignette the scene overall, which brought some detail into an otherwise dull sky.

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