Mid-summer update…

Just a quick note on my imaging projects this summer – I’ve got a huge backlog of editing to do, but I’m not wasting any nice summer days in the office just yet. I’ve created a few desktops of recent images to share, but look for more updates in September. For now, enjoy…

Mt. Rainier from Reflection Lake (click for 1920×1200 desktop size)

A driving day yielded great shots in July. I shot this one as I sat on the edge of Reflection lake. I also met a Fox at this spot, and you might catch a glimpse of him sneaking around. Many more in this set.

Mt. Rainier from Plummer Peak in the Tatoosh Range (click for 1920×1200 desktop size)

I hiked to the top of Plummer Peak and made this image of Mt. Rainier. You can see Paradise in the lower right corner. I’m also working on panoramics from the same day. The weather was glorious and hot, and I saw mountain goats and dozens of marmots. Many more images coming soon.

The Olympic Mountains (click for 1920×1200 desktop size)

I made this image of the Olympic Mountains on August 1st, 2010, looking due west from Port Orchard. The color of the sunset was caused by forest fires in British Columbia that turned the sky an eerie orange for the whole day. Several other photographers showed up at my spot to capture the moment, but they all left as the sun crept behind the mountains. By the time these striking rays appeared they were all gone, and I was shooting an image every 4 seconds.

Perseids meteor shower, August 14 2010 (click for 1920×1200 desktop size)

I set my camera to record a 30 second exposure, once per minute, all night long. Out of 412 exposures, this (#409) was by far the best. Early problems with fogging were solved by wrapping the camera and lens (15mm fisheye) in a heating pad. I’m planning on creating a movie of the sequence as well.


~ by ChrissyOne on August 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mid-summer update…”

  1. Such great shots! Thanks for the information on each shot.

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