The Next iMac…

…might look like this. (artist’s concept)

That is, if Apple’s recent patent drawings are any indication.  But I don’t think it will.  More on that later.

What makes this artist’s concept interesting is that it appeared in a MacLife article back in May of 2008, more than a year and a half before anyone officially saw Apple’s new tablet.  Which looks not entirely unlike this:

…which is the other artist’s concept that appeared in that MacLife article a year and a half ago.
Sure, the iPad doesn’t run desktop Mac OS X like that, but otherwise I find it hauntingly familiar.  This seems to lead some people to believe the first image may be equally prescient.  Maybe…

But hang on here – let’s look at that first image again.  So.. you’re saying I’d have this big iMac monitor on my desk, and I’m going to tuck away half-again that much potential display by stashing my iPad inside?  That seems like an idiotic waste of screen real-estate.  If I’ve got a perfectly good 10″ LCD, I dont want to waste it like that. I have access to plenty of space and power, so there is no reason to hide my touchy* just so you can make it look like a Decepticon.

Just give me…


I think there’s more of a chance we’ll see something like this – a big tablet on an easel, with maybe a base like a Mac Mini.  The screen lifts off and essentially becomes a 20″ iPad.  When docked in the cradle, it acts just like any other desktop Mac, and runs full OS X.  When lifted fro the cradle, the UI changes into something more task-oriented like the iPhone OS.  Mobile versions of apps take over.
Instead of hiding the tablet inside, It’ll dock right on my keyboard so I can still use it.
That is my prediction.  Keep in mind, I have been drinking.

(*see Computer Lexicon)


~ by ChrissyOne on February 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Next iMac…”

  1. Oh, and as a side note – Laptops are doomed.

  2. If they do anything like this I think they would actually lose customers, don’t you?

    • They may lose a certain kind of customer. But the question with a new computing paradigm is what kinds of new users you’re going to reach with it. Smartphones can reach more people than computers can due to their simplicity. My parents can figure out how to use an iPhone but they still have problems with their iMac, so it’s logical that for people like them, an interface more like the iPad is better suited to their needs most of the time.
      But there are some of use who need (or just want) an experience similar to the desktop model, and I see no reason why one device can’t do both.
      In the end it’s about increasing your user base, and computers haven’t really done much to change that in many years. Create a new way to interact with data and you create new opportunities to reach more people.

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