ChrissyOne Photo.

Here’s a quick plug for my photo site, ChrissyOne Dot Com.  You may have noticed some of my images running randomly down the right side of the page… You can find all that and more on the photo site, from scenic beach vistas to sweaty dirty raves.  Alert viewers might note that I’m getting tragically behind in my post-production duties as I have quite a backlog of summer fun photos that I need to plow though one of these cold winter nights.  Something about sitting in front of the same software all day and all night seems to be making this more and more difficult. >.<

Anyway, enjoy the pics.  I love comments if you see any you like.  You’re welcome to use them on the web non-commercially as long as you leave my copyright mark in place.



~ by ChrissyOne on November 25, 2008.

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