Holy Fuck.

So as you may have learned at some point in your life – it’s a tradition for the American president and state governors to officially pardon a turkey every year around Thanksgiving, as a gesture of goodwill and love for all creatures great and not so great.  Today, Sarah Palin participated in this grand tradition in fine Alaskan style.  After a touching speech inside the turkey coop and the pardoning of the offending fowl, she walked outside for a quick interview, presumably because her job now consists entirely of giving interviews.

What happened next can only be described as horrifying.

To Wit –

Some amusingly juxtaposed quotes from the interview:

  • “It’s pretty brutal…”
  • “…on the chopping block”
  • “You need a little bit of levity in this job”
  • (you’ll note Joe The Turkey Bleeder nod with glee with Palin mentions promoting a local business)
  • “I’ll be in charge of the turkey”

Thank goodness that’s all she’ll be in charge of.  And didn’t anyone tell her to put down that faggy San Francisco-values latte she’s sipping?

Now, just so we understand each other… I love meat.  I am going to eat a dead bird and enjoy it all the way to my tryptophan-induced coma.  But the monstrous lack of any comprehension of propriety in this clip goes far beyond whether it’s okay to kill birds and eat them.  And before you get excited, the crew asked Palin if the shot was okay, and she said “no worries”.

The mind boggles.


UPDATE: Download this fine poster by our good friend I’m In Your Water to commemorate Sarah’s Thanksgiving Spirit.


~ by ChrissyOne on November 21, 2008.

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