Sarah Palin.

…is getting pretty bloody tiresome at this point.

Okay, I know that Gops love a simpleton.  This is true.  They love nothing more than a back-woods, down-home, shit-kicking Regular Joe who’s not too smart and not too classy. Someone that they could have a can of beer with and take to NASCAR on a date.  These are Salt Of The Earth Americans.  Rill Americans, as the honorable governor of Alaska might say.  Gops eat that shit for breakfast.  Add this to the troubling fact that they have a huge blind spot for Acting and you get people like Palin popping up all over the party like mushrooms in cow shit.

To Wit – If you’re not a 4 year old you can tell that George Bush is lying to you.  You can see him selling it in his mind, mulling over the best words to use to get you to believe something.  Gops tend to believe what they are told by people they hope are right, so they listen to the words a politician says but they pay zero attention to the WAY they say it.  The mindless, wandering, meandering looks, the nervous laughter, the halting, uncomfortable pauses… this goes right by them as they lap hungrily and whatever bullshit fiesta they are being fed.  Palin has done nothing over the last 2 months but parrot party lines and spout Mavericky Hockey Moose nonsense, yet a sizable number of Gops think that she is the future of the party.  Can they really not see through the act?  Before you answer that… remember who their favorite president of all time was.*

Now that Palin has helped McCain lose so decisively, the one-time Mainstream Media hater has embarked on a non-stop back to back interview orgy with anyone in the press that will listen (and many who won’t).  It’s almost painful to listen to her answer direct questions about simple things with long-winded diatribes peppered with paranoid threats and accusations.  Note that every time she deflects a charge, she’ll close with a shot about all the More Important Things we should be worrying about, rather than talking about clothes or Africa.  Sarah, why not take some Personal Responsibility and own up to your own shortcomings?  It’s pretty much a dead giveaway when you list all the current events in Africa that you have in fact BEEN COACHED TO DO SO… this is further evidenced by the fact that you respond exactly the same way in interview after interview.  Thinking people can rephrase things so as not to sound like a Mynah bird or a toddler.  You only fool very dumb people if you cannot do this, and as you have discovered, though there are many dumb people in this country, there aren’t quiet enough to win an election with.

Now watch closely, and pay attention.  Watch how she very carefully explains herself, and yet, she still can’t answer direct questions with any facts.  We are painted a very vivid picture that is simple and deliberate, but illiquid and unadaptable, lacking breadth or nuance.  She can only explain something one very rehearsed way, unlike someone who has command of a topic and can talk about it from different angles and incorporate divergent viewpoints.

Palin, in a word, Testifies.

Watch the whole thing if it turns ya on, but skip to 0:51 for the money shot.  Palin complains about Couric’s ‘gotcha’ questions.  She mocks Katie asking “Well, what do read up there in Alaska?” to nicely frame her comeback of demonstrating that she knows the names of a few major American cities and states.  But there is a problem here – that isn’t the question that Couric asked.  The question was:

“And when it comes to establishing your worldview, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and to understand the world?”

This is a simple question.  Any thinking adult could answer this question.  A skilled politician could tell you about a dozen magazines and make you want to subscribe to at least one.  But Sarah Palin is not a skilled politician.  Instead, she answers exactly the same way a child would if they were lying to you about which tests they got an “A” on.

“All of them.”

All of them?  Okay… how about Ebony?  The Advocate?  High Times?

Or maybe just Guns & Ammo.  What is the truth here?  And before you get jumpy, if this is such an inconsequential question and if she’s such a terrific political leader, why can’t she think fast enough on her feet to at least make up something?

Then comes the troubling part… Her answer to Lauer was that in Alaska they read the same things that ya’ll read in New York (Jews) L.A. (Hollywood Elites & Queers) and Washington State (Tree Huggers & Other Queers).  BUT ANYWAY, quickly moving on…

The trouble is, she has no clue in Hades what we read here in Washington State to formulate our world view.  I really doubt she’s read Savage Love this week.  I don’t think they read the same things in L.A., either.  What I know for sure that that people in L.A. and New York don’t all read the same thing.  But Palin’s answer reveals that she has the idea that they do.  And she never comes up with an answer, even though she brought it up herself.  What she does do is take the easiest way out she possibly can – mock the question, deflect the responsibility, give a non-answer then turn & bolt.

I want you to do something… I want you to close your eyes and picture Barack Obama answering that question… “Well, all of them…”

So Sarah is on CNN and MSNBC and FOX and everywhere else I look, with her new do and new clout in a party adrift with only her shabby life raft to cling to in the face of the coming blunami.  I’m wondering whether to be happy about this or not.  I mean, she’s not going to get any smarter, and that’s a good for the Democrats that will eventually run against her.  But there is the possibility that the electorate will get dumber and more susceptible to her winks and smirks.  There are a lot of Elizabeth Hasselbecks and lonely white men that are dim enough to respond to such cheap tactics, and with no Dying Old Guy in her way, she might gain some traction.  I’ll be watching.

But what I’m really looking forward to is January 20th.  Not because of the Coronation, but because that’s when Bush insiders get to start talking about what they’ve really been up to these last 8 years.  I think it will be an eye opener for us all.  Watching Palin and the rest of the Faithful dance around the hail of bullets will be even more fun.

So what do you think?  Does Palin have a bright future in the GOP, on Fox News, or Survivor?


*the ACTOR.


~ by ChrissyOne on November 12, 2008.

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  1. UPDATE – The answer to my closing question has finally come in – FOX News.

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